WARPOINT виртуальная реальность
Девушка играет в VR игры в клубе виртуальной реальности

Virtual reality club

Best VR-games of all genres and all ages. Everybody can find something entertaining in our park.
Al Ain Mall, Othman Bin Affan St
Central District, Abu Dhabi
in Al Ain
Мужчина играет в клубе развлечения
Люди играют компанией в игры в vr
Игры в виртуальной реальности

High level of VR immersion

Wide variety of games

You can play with your friends

Contemporary VR-headsets can help you immerse into the virtual worlds on a whole other level and experience the maximum range of emotions
There are over 100 popular VR games in our arsenal. We have many genres: sports, fantasy, shooters, quests etc. Anyone can find something to their liking
You can play solo or with a party of up to 4 people. Just choose your game and teleport into a new an amusing world

Modern VR technologies

create incredible opportunities

Become an action movie hero

Conquer the Everest

Defend the world from monsters

Fly into Space

Defend the castle from orcs

Wander around dinosaurs

Still thinking about what game suits best for you? We can help!
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or an epic battle with your

Have a memorable birthday party

Use our park to your purpose and we will help you have a great time
We will make the birthday party unforgettable. We will get the cake, the candles and the decorations so both the birthday kids and their guests have a great time. Both boys and girls enjoy spending their birthdays at our parks
Have a tournament in order to decide "the coolest department". While the teams are at the arena, the rest can play a console or just relax in the lounge zone
Cake or pizza, ornaments or balloons, 10 guests or 20. Just paint us a picture of your perfect birthday and we will do what we can to make it come true. Your friends would go crazy
We can make thematic programs special for school graduation parties. Create a fete that will immerse yourself in the fantastic atmosphere that both kids and adults can be a part of
Celebrate the New Year in virtual reality. Make your holiday memorable with unique emotions with WARPOINT

VR New Years

Equipment and prices
An autonomous VR-headset that is suitable both for children and adults. No waste. An ideal equipment to become acquainted with virtual reality
Oculus quest 2 в WARPOINT

Oculus quest 2

15 min

30 min

60 min
20 AED

35 AED

65 AED
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